Christmas Lights Make Me Feel Like The Grinch

Even though this Christmas has me stressed, I normally love the holiday season and everything that comes along with it- the trees, baking, wrapping paper, outdoor Christmas lights and old Christmas flicks.  However, when I see tacky outdoor lights, it bothers me. I mean, really bothers me to the point I want to knock on the doors of the tacky home offenders and ask them what they were thinking. I know it’s all in fun and everyone has their own perception of beauty and I can’t help that it bothers me to no return.

Something about the gaudy display of holiday lights just gets under my skin like a splinter. Dan always says I’m like the Grinch when it comes to lights and that’s exactly why I don’t put any up! I’d spend days tweaking the display and just frustrate myself. My philosophy has always been in you’re gonna do something – do it right.

I know you’ve saw the lights that are either over done to the max, don’t match, make a house look like a carnival from a horror movie or are just tossed on a tree or branch. Those are the ones that really get to me. Since I never wrote the book on proper Christmas light decorating, I guess I have no room to complain or get irritated.

3 Things About Christmas Lights That Bother Me

Colors- Lights need to be multi-color or white! To me this means if you use multi color lights they need to be the standard and not one row of red, one row of green and a row of white. If one side of the house is green, one red and the trees done in white, that’s a fail (in my book). That’s tacky! Multi-colored lights should be in a strand of every bulb a different color within the pattern.

Placement- If you’re going to light up the tree, do it right! Don’t just toss the strand onto the tree. Take the time to place them so they look good. When I see lights just tossed up, I want to offer my time to help them remove them!

To Much- To much of anything is never a good thing and the same applied to holiday lights. If your house causes a surge in electricity- you’ve got to much. If I pull onto your street and I’m blinded by the UFO beaming lights, you have to many. And, if you have one of every blow up decorating found in Wal-Mart you have to many!

Let me show you a few examples of what bothers me so you can grasp just what I’m saying here.

Really? Why Bother? Save the electricity! PLEASE

Is there a house under this cluster flip?

This has got to be the worst display of Christmas light I've ever come across.

Another tacky display of Christmas lights. There is so much going on here your eyes cross.

What do you think? Do the ugly Christmas lights bother you or do you find them all beautiful in the spirit of Christmas?

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  1. Rachel says:

    YES! tacky lights bother me so much that I also want to go knock on thier doors & say “really???” drives me nutso!!!

  2. oh yep the same bothers me. There is a house down by us that is covered with blinking lights that progressively go faster! It’s really hard on the eyes at night and makes me hope that nobody around here is prone to seizures due to blinking lights. I guess it’s good that they have lots of Christmas spirit though? :)

    • Krissy, I hate those too! But I’d rather see them blink and be placed nice! I could do without the dancing and blinking lights!

  3. Rhonda Maddux says:

    Okay, you invited comments! Said all in good fun, you guys are ALL CHRISTMAS SCROOGES? Really? I have all those “tacky lights” strung in white and colored, all mixed and thrown EVERYWHERE! Why you ask- because of the kids! I always got (and get still) a heart-stopping thrill seeing lots of Christmas lights! To see those happy faces on the bus or in cars that slow going by, THAT is why all the crazy lights. Christmas is a birthday celebration, and that is what we love at my house, LOL. My pet peeve? Leaving lights up after Christmas, especially into summer, or all year long! If it really eats your lunch, you come on over and straighten it all out! LOL!

  4. Oh my gosh! I’m literally laughing in the coffee shop right now. These images made my day!!!

    I share all of your sentiments about christmas lights. My favorite are the large bulbed white lights. This ones also pretty good:

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