I Don’t Understand Bad Parents or What Prompts Them To Kill

Alexandra V. Tobias, a 22-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida killed her baby becuase he was crying while she was play Farmville on Facebook.

Some people should not have the opportunity to procreate or even breathe air!  When I think about all the children that have been in the news recently, a baby raped by his mother, baby killed by mom over Facebooks Farmville, baby killed by his dad, 13-month old boy killed by his mom, or child beaten by dad over homework, my blood starts to boil and my heart starts to break. If you don’t want kids either keep your legs shut OR give the child up for adoption. Point Blank!

Being a parent is a gift many sickos have yet to realize, these people are walking around us daily as if their crimes are ok. These sorry excuses for human life should be locked away in a prison cell somewhere with no bail, yet they continuously are released from jail on child abuse and murder charges on bail.

How can the justice system allow people who’ve been charged with heinous crimes against precious children be allowed bail? They should be kept behind bars until they are found guilty, then offered the death penalty!

After Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her child, it seems like it’s a daily occurrence on the news- someone else has killed their child. Do these people think they can get away with it too or are these parents so mentally ill they have no clue what they’re doing? Regardless of the reason behind it, I find it sick and think these people should not be allowed to breath air. Really, why let us tax payers pay for them to spend life behind bars?

What do you think? Should these people be allowed bail? Do you think life in prison is enough or should the death penalty apply to all crimes against children?

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  1. I think Death Penalty for all crimes against children

  2. Chris Molnar says:

    I have a friend who is a college professor, and he’s seen how every year new students get lazier, less motivated, can’t add 2+2 without an app and have a huge, vastly inflated sense of entitlement. How were they raised? And do these kids really believe playing Farmville is more valuable than caring for another human being? It’s horribly sickening.

  3. Casey Anthony’s acquittal was our justice system working properly, as there was not enough evidence against her to find her guilty without reasonable doubt. If you want to be upset, be upset at the prosecution for going forwards with a faulty case instead of continuing to investigate.


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