5 Tips For Surviving the Crazy World of WAHMhood

Have you ever thought about being a work-at-home-mom, better known as WAHMhood. It sounds cool right? Like something out of a Neyo-Rihanna kind of music video.

And IT IS way cool! But it’s definitely challenging; perhaps a bit more challenging than being a full-on working mom or a 100% stay-at-home mom.

WAHMhood means being employed, but you do the work remotely, in most cases in your own house. And a home-based job basically involves the same things – adherence to deadlines, pressures from your boss, daily reports, etc.

And WAHMhood also means being available for the needs of your family, since you also get to stay at home on a daily basis. Just like other 100% stay-at-home-moms, you’re expected to take care of the groceries, preparing meals, taking care of the laundry, helping the kids with homework, doing household errands, and a lot more.

See how it can get really crazy?

If you are currently a WAHM, then you’re probably nodding your head right now.
But don’t worry, there are ways to prevent insanity caused by WAHMhood – you are a mother, you are made to endure this.

Here are some tips from a fellow WAHM:

1. Always have your ‘me’ time.

You probably heard this advice already.  WAHMs tend to be so into their roles that they always forget one important aspect of their being – their own self.

Go out every once in a while! At least once a week, spend some time alone or with friends and enjoy things you used to do when you were single. Go to a club, do something silly, or even enjoy a shopping spree!

2. If possible, set a definite schedule on when you do work at home.

This is the bane of WAHMs. Since working online means more hours = more earnings, putting in hours become ‘addictive’. So most WAHMs end up working more than the usual eight hours, at random times in the day  (sometimes they do it day and night!) just because they still have the energy to do so!

One advice – don’t. This will definitely be a cause for burnout, and you surely don’t want that. Plot a schedule for your work responsibilities, and stick to it. So that you can allot the remaining hours to rest, relaxation, and family time.

3.  Don’t ‘overload’!

Since more work = more clients = more earnings, WAHMs think having multiple clients is good for them. And it is, to a certain extent. But, it is important to note that you should only take in clients that you can manage to give quality service.

There’s isn’t like an ideal number of jobs, since it depends on your capabilities. But if you’re a family person, then three jobs should be a manageable number.

4. Balance your time between part time and full time work.

Want the best of both worlds? Have one full time job, and take in part-time jobs based on what your schedule permits. A full-time online job would most likely take 40 hours of your time every week, so a couple of part-time or project-basis work would be a good supplemental source of income.

5. Orient your family on what your work and schedule is.

Since you stay at home to work, kids tend to think that you’re always available to tend to their needs, and for the younger ones, to play with them. At least once a week, or even on a daily basis, make sure to tell them what your schedule is for the day so they know when mommy will be very busy. Ample quality time should be set aside for the family.

How do you balance being  a wahm?

Melanie Pace had been in the corporate workforce as a marketing executive for decades. But she now enjoys an online career as a writer, and being a super WAHM (work-at-home-mom). You might need her services if you’re working on a wedding – she makes the best place cards right at her kitchen table!
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